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About Tachikizan

Temple History

A long time ago, there was a man who was traveling from place to place to study. His name was Koubou-Daishi. When he came to the Seta River he saw a strange, bright tree on Tachiki Mountain. A white buck came and lifted Daishi onto his back. Then he jumped over the Seta River, ran to the strange tree, and at that moment, the buck changed into Kannon-sama.

From that time on, the place has been called “Shishitobi”. Koubou-Daishi believed this strange occurrence was Kannon-sama’s will.

In Japan, it is said there are critical years in one’s life.

Especially, it is 42 years old for men and 33 years old for women.

When Koubou Daishi was 42 years old he made an image of Kannon-sama from the strange tree in order to help people through their critical year. Since then, more than 1200 years have passed, but people still have faith in Kannon-sama, and come to this place, now known as “Tachiki Kannon” or “Tachiki-san”.

Front of Kannon-sama
Front of Kannon-sama
Shishitobi Valley
“Shishitobi”, the site where the white buck, carrying Koubou Daishi, jumped over the Seta River. This is at the foot of Tachikisan.

Faith in Kannon-sama

When a man has trouble, he prays to Kannon-sama. But when he doesn’t, he forgets Kannon-sama.

It is like sailing in the ocean.

When a man is in a storm, he cries out for help as loudly as he can.

However, as soon as the water becomes smooth like a mirror, he forgets that he has cried out at all.

That is a result of the foolishness of common people. Only when they are suffering hardships do they look for Kannon-sama.

We hope you have faith in the “Tachiki Kannon” and lead a happy life.

Koubou Daishi
Koubou Daishi

Sanpai Route

How to pray at this temple

When you come to the top of the 800 stone steps, notice the statue of Koubou-Daishi riding a buck. To the left is the main temple. Go here first, pray to Kannon-sama from the front and then pray from the back. Then, go up the stone steps next to the main temple and pray at the “Houkyouintou”, the stone structure.

Continue up the steps and strike the temple bell once. Next, go to the top of the stone steps, and pray to the “Okunoin”, the temple’s guardian god. Finally, go down the stairs on the far side.

Tachiki Kannon

Access Guide


Okuyama Nangouchou 1231, Ishiyama, Otsu-shi, Shiga-ken, Japan 〒520-0865

  • There is an another temple is called “Anyouji” in Nango-chou. However, this is not for visitors, so please be careful not to go this temple by mistake.

phone077-537-0008(9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Open Hours

9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

  • On New Years the hours are extended.


From Kyoto Station

Take the Biwako Line (Track 2 or 3) towards Maibara to Ishiyama Station. Both the Special Rapid Service and local train service will stop here. The train ride from Kyoto Station to Ishiyama station is about 15 minutes.

From Osaka

Take the Special Rapid Service towards Kyoto. The train ride to Ishiyama station will be about 43 minutes.

From Tokyo / Nagoya

Take the Shinkansen to Kyoto station. Take the Biwako Line (Track 2 or 3) towards Maibara to Ishiyama Station.


Take the Keihan bus its #4, #14, and #54 from Ishiyama station. Get off at “Tachiki-Kannon-Mae”. It tooks about 15 minutes. If you cross the street and go right, you’ll see the stone steps.

Bus schedule (Japanese only)


Tachikisan is about 12 minutes by car or taxi from Ishiyama Station. Free parking is available. An additional parking lot is open on New Years.

Parking Information

Parking Map